Winter 2023-2024 in Elf's Farmyard

Visit and feed our reindeer, alpacas and other animals or enjoy winter fun by coasting down the little hill on site! You can also enjoy wonderful walks and hikes with reindeer and alpacas.

Meet our reindeer and other animals

In Elf's Farmyard you can meet reindeer, alpacas and other lovely animals every day of the year. Get introduced to our animals in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi!

Alpaca Walks & Hiking

We offer unforgettable outings where you get to walk our alpacas through the forest near Santa Claus Village. You start off with your guide at the Farmyard. The pace is leisurely.

Reindeer Walks & Hiking

We offer fun outings where you get to walk our reindeer through the forest near Santa Claus Village. First we feed the reindeer. Note: reindeer are semi-wild animals so walking may not be as easy as with a dog.

Card ride on a pony & visit

Enjoy a carriage ride in Santa Claus Village with our lovely pony Ilona. The elf guide drive the pony and the child and the elf guide sit on the cart. The duration is 15 minutes. Entry to the petting zoo is included in the price.

View our winter video

Elf's farmyard is open every day of the year. Watch our new video to see how our destination looks in winter and discover our animals & activities.

View photos of Farmyard

View the photos of our cute animals and unforgettable activities like reindeer and alpaca walks in Santa Claus Village's forest.

COMBO: walking with alpacas & reindeer

How about a walk both with reindeer and alpacas in the forest of Santa Claus Village? Combine the walking with reindeer of 15 min with the walking with alpaca 30 min and at the visit Elf’s Farm Yard.

Private visit to Elf’s Farmyard with alpaca & reindeer walking

How about a private visit? This unforgettable experience includes: 30 min walk with alpacas, 30 min walk with reindeer, 30 min guided tour where you meet all the other animals, and more.

Visit Santa’s animals at the Arctic Circle every day of the year: meet reindeer, alpacas and other lovely animals

Open daily: 11.00-17.00

In Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle, you’ll find the welcoming Elf’s Farmyard (Finnish: Tallitontun piha) with reindeer, alpacas, pony, donkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits and different birds. You can watch domestic animals in their daily activities under arctic conditions and, best of all, you can feed reindeer! Kids love them and they love kids!

Winter fun: coasting down the little hill on site! All the equipment you need is provided. Guests can also use our Lapland hut (kota) & campfire / barbecue. This is included in the entrance fee. Buy snacks and drinks from elf’s store. No booking is needed for visits. The Farmyard is open every day of the year. View the opening hours HERE . Tickets can be purchased on arrival.

Fancy a walk with reindeer or alpacas?

As an extra service, Elf’s farmyard also offers nice reindeer and alpaca walks in the forests of Santa Claus Village. Book the tickets in advance for walks and for private visits from our online store or by email. Entrance to farmyard is included in the price of alpaca & reindeer walks. Welcome!